Content Marketing Trends

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  • January 21, 2015

Professional SEO ConsultantWe in marketing are in luck with content. In 2014 more and more companies have realized the value that content marketing is for your brand. In a world where the amount of information grows exponentially, search engine optimization is difficult to achieve with the old tricks of the old SEO. Now it is essential that we develop valuable content to remain competitive.

In the past year Google has deepened its plan to reward interesting content and penalize those who use strategies to “trick” the search engine. Facebook has also taken actions that discourage easy content for original content.

What will happen in 2015?
Now we have to make fortune tellers, although the circumstances will not be difficult …

Exactly: content marketing will continue to grow !: Especially since there is still much room for improvement. According to a study Altimeter, only 26% of marketers are investing in content distribution. On the other hand are the advantages of content marketing over other options. Other studies suggest that companies have a blog generate 55% more traffic and 70% more leads than those who do not. Moreover, nearly 50% of consumers say it is more likely to seek information about a product if they have seen before in video or not. Consequently, the marks will be a source of content increasingly important value.
The boom of ‘storytelling’ visual: Precisely because more companies are turning to marketing content for visibility among his followers, it becomes necessary to use new forms of content that will allow us to highlight. Telling stories about our company and products is a more efficient way to connect with our audience, so the ‘visual storytelling’ will be even more widespread. We will see more videos, animations and graphics to convey carefully produced by an attractive design, key messages about brands.
Mobile, mobile and mobile years we have been predicting that “this would be the year of mobile”. Well, this yes it will be :). In 2015, the use of our devices will be more diversified. Not only that, we will continue improving our ability to measure customer behavior over your browsing experience 24 hours a day. Currently still have trouble keeping track of a user who goes through our web on mobile in the morning, it then follows from the computer at work continues on the tablet in the evening while watching TV on the couch and ends with mobile before going to bed. Traditional forms of measurement must evolve to that user appear in our analytics as one, not as many different users. Likewise, our content must be suitable to be read on different screens and situations. However, the trend in web seems to be just the opposite as search engines reward original content. Ie more developed and differentiated post other content.
Social cues gain importance: The weight of social networks continue to grow in 2015 as a way to calculate our web positioning. It’s not enough to have a visited page with good content. For wheel traffic to continue turning our need to be present in the networks and get “likes” being mentioned, shared and recommended. The SEO and ‘social media’ will increasingly reach. As a result, when planning our content marketing strategy will also have to take into account the social networking plan.
Better integrated with the contents Ads: Advertising invasive going slowly dying for more effective practices for the industry and provide value to users. Major media outlets like The New York Times, the BBC or Buzzfeed have opted for what is known as “native advertising” to monetize their spaces. The native advertising involves integrating branded content as part of editorial content respecting basic rules regarding these. Many usually identify this phenomenon with an adaptation to the digital environment of traditional infomercial.
The guest blogging gets lost honor: In the last year the guest blogging has been observed with suspicion after Matt Cutts, head of Google Spam, makes advisable not to use it in 2014 as a way of obtaining external links. This common practice is to publish relevant content on blogs third has suffered a setback, probably due to some unfortunate words and also have been misinterpreted in part. In 2015, the honor of guest blogging honest and loyal of good marketers will be restored. There is a radical difference between practicing guest blogging to do to distribute spam and interesting content. In the end, common sense seems to have prevailed. And since we celebrated Superblogger.
Email marketing will be more sophisticated: The content marketers have to adapt their strategies email marketing to a context in which users are bombarded from their trays of mail and are reluctant to buy via email. In 2015 we will have to closely monitor the latest developments in this field, although things seem to go down the line further customization and automation.
By 2015, content marketing professionals have homework to do. Not only have to be more creative and skillful using new formats and content production tools, but also more technical when planning our global strategy. Aspects such as audience segmentation and personalization of messages to more specific ‘targets’ gain in importance over the next year. In addition, diversification in the form of content consumption will continue to evolve, hence the need for adaptation to different devices. Not only that. Search engines also will continue in his line, being strict with deceptive practices and assessing the availability of a mobile version, the signals from social networks or proper optimization of image descriptions.

In short, 2015 promises to be the break out year for “Content Marketing”