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When it comes to understanding the different types of content marketing strategy, the important thing to remember is that there is a lot out there and you have options from a digital media qualification perspective. There are informative marketing pieces, persuasive marketing pieces, search engine based marketing pieces, and more. Thus, it’s important to understand the different types of content marketing pieces that are out there, so that you can get the best when it comes to your content marketing strategy and your content marketing plan.
First and for most when it comes to informative and persuasive content marketing, it’s all about two dynamically different types of content marketing, working for your benefit. Informative content marketing literally informs current or even future clients about what’s going on with your business regarding any new developments, upcoming events, and more.
This is a good form of marketing because it subliminally sells to your audience, and can and will attract new business. Now, when it comes to persuasive content marketing, it’s all about getting the most out of well written content that sells in a structured and well thought out manner.
Persuasive content marketing can be presented best when it is clear, informative, to the point, on point, and more.When it comes to search engine content marketing, it’s all about improving search engine rankings through content marketing efforts.
The reality of SEO driven content is that it is more than a high quality backlink service to, provide keywords, and be useful when need be. Also, with search engine content marketing, it’s all about making sure that you know what should be and shouldn’t be seen by the public, so that you can get full optimal benefits when it comes to search engine content results.Other forms of content marketing include, mass mailing content marketing, website content marketing, business card content marketing, and more.
Be sure to remember to take advantage of what one will work best in your field, so that you can and will get the best when it comes to content marketing that will get the business, and take your business to the next level.

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What is content marketing?

  • Content marketing is more or less like sharing pieces of classified or private information about yourself that people will find intriguing and interesting to want to know you more.
  • This draws more people in, compared to sharing uninteresting piece of information if you are looking for more customers.
  • Why should my agency perform well in content marketing.
  • Online Advertisement Blindness aka banner ad blindness.

Today’s consumers are multi device users and tech savvy. There are no more online shoppers that have not seen 99 banners ads a day for quite a while. Lets face it no matter your age if you are not online now, more than likely there are no plans to start. We’d think over 33% have developed a serious condition named banner advertising ad blindness.

Here’s where we go into psychoanalysis.

So . . . to sort the wheat for the chafe(so to speak), The customers brain has learned to filter out unheeded distractions to get to the what? . . . say it together now; relevant [“content”] with value after purposely or not clicking Google Adwords Advertising they subconsciously began to ignore outside information hat no loungers seems relevant for immediate storage.

Ad blindness was first a myth to many. most forum owners could not count the amount of Google Adsense they were making and it was a banner ad campaign free for all.

But the forums the first to embrace the banner ad were also the first ones to succumb to the ad blindness that occurs to all viewers innately. In the mid 2000’s large automotive forums like dsmtalk and dsmtuners may 10’000$ a month in Adsense revenue that drop steadily to 3% of that eventually.

Yes the numbers are currently completely made up but its serves to illustrate the point that Google ads are not to be relied upon for your growth goals. It is easy to understand why Ads become less efficient with time and eventually no longer warrant the huge prices that Google Adwords Campaign management services cost.

OK we get it its important but:

What is Content Marketing

As stated at the

Content marketing is an advertising strategy of (distributing creative valuable, product relevant and cross platform consistent content to drive interest of an analysis defined customer base, with the ideal goal resulting in measurable consumer conversions

As an ongoing process with online content advertising you can curate relevant content and received inbound marketing SEO and organic rankings in search engines and you can create value by making your owned media the type of content that satisfies the cravings of your customers needs.

Some term it non interruption marketing because it does not to create a sale so much as inform the buyer on why your offerings are so good.

Examples of Content Marketing

    • Planning & Research.
      Content marketing services find and drive the best customers into measurable results.
    • Creation and Monitoring
      Creative development & management continually delivers cross channel engagement.
  • Optimization
    Intelligent and proprietary tools discover possibilities and inspire relationships

Content Marketing Services

What is content marketing?

Now a days you see a lot of hype on the new fad in search adverting as “CONTENT MARKETING”. Love how the S.E.O world can turn something proper an good into a strategy? You see what other agencies may call [content marketing services], we call it building really great web sites. In fact the plans and methods of content marketing are elements of a good web design and content branding package.If you want to learn what is content marketing you can watch our video below.

You see your data and owned media are your digital currency so to speak. Its only as valuable as you invest into it. We create holistic voice brands and cross channel spread the engaging and relevant discussions your customers need to build brand loyalty. So I leave you with this thought would you prefer a new business to develop and nurture tour content from an original user experience perspective? Or . . . Is it better a trusted consultant to drive your digital ad experiences to the content marketplace.